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RF Invaders | LVL 55 | OBT Tanggal 12 JAN pukul 14:00 wib


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RATE SERVER Invanders Full Pvp Server Max 55
Max Level 55
Exp Rate x3.000 (Premium x15.000)
Animus Exp Rate x999999
Drop Rate x25
Mining Rate x35
PT Status : GM
Skill.Force : GM
PVP Max 25.000 Non Premi | Premium 75.000
Pvp Kill x3
Guild Honor : Aktive
Regen Cash Shop : Aktive
Original Game CCRINC
100% Balance & Function Support All Job
Skill LDR Dan Bash : Aktive
Skill Buff All Job 3000
Max Money 3M + 500.000 Gold
Donasi Item [Cash Coin, Premium Service, Vote Point, All Item]
Real Money Trade [RMT] = Aktive
ItemShop buy In Vote Point
System Convert Cashcoin To VotePoint
System Vote GameCP (Vote setiap 3jam Dalam 1Hari) [Waktu Onlin Character : 120Minute] [1xVote = 1500VP]
Requirement Registration Race Leader/Council
Lvl 55
Potong CPT Sebanyak 35.000
Pvp Point 100.000
Mata Uang Bangsa 100.000.000
Syarat Vote Race Leader
Level 55
CPT Minimal 40.000
Total Online Minimal 900
System Rate Tempa:
Rate Tempa 1 s/d 4 : 100% [Destroy Talic No Destroy Item]
Rate Tempa 5 s/d 6 : 25% [Destroy Talic And Destroy Item]
Rate Tempa 6 s/d 7 : 5% [Destroy Talic And Destroy Item]
Weapon Retrune's
Premium Service 3 Days
Pvp Point 50.000
Cash Coin 250.000
Disable Auction/Mail/lelang
Disable Battle Dungeon
Disable Status Chip for Normal Player
Disable Weapon Relic/Elven/BaalHamon
Disable Elemental HP + Deff / Attack In Cash Shop
Disable Jade Level
Disable Ruang Guild
Disable Npc Golden Pig
Disable T3 dari Job Specialist
Disable Invisible Potion , Neutralizing
Disable OD Super critikal , OD Super Smart Potion
Disable XJob
Disable All Equipment Lv 57 s/d 66
Disable All Leon 55
Enable Fiture :
Buff Job And Skill 3000
Enable Npc:
Npc DarkAmbasador Untuk Judi Armor SS 50 s/d 55
Npc Buat Tuker 20pcs Talic Ke 1pcs Talic Crystal
Rate Sell / Jual Farming Low S/D High:
Cling : 9.xxx.xxx
Gli : 9.xxx.xxx
Diamond Neckless:18.xxx.xxx
Addon Potion Configuration
System Vote Point @ GameCP
System Daily Quest
System LordMaster ( Farming Cash Point )
System Regeneration Cash Coint By Map
Regen Cash Event Start lvl 50
Regen Cash Coin @ Map Sette 1000 / Minute | Premium Service 3000 / Minute
Regen Cash Coin @ Map Buas 400 / Minute | Premium Service 800 / Minute
Regen Cash Coin @ Map OC 600 / Minute | Premium Service 1200 / Minute
Elf_Land = OFF
Sette = ON
Ether = ON
Buas = ON
Win : 5.000 CPT
Lose : 1.000 CPT
Fail : 3.000 CPT
Diharapkan Quest Minimal 10.000 CPT
Standart CCR
NPC Markas[Foreign Vendor]: Portal Ether[Sesuai Race], Pb Ratmoth, Penzer Generator [Bells], Sympaty Charm [Cora], Portal Buas, Portal OC
NPC Hero [Markas]: Chaos Potion + Chaos CurePotion : 1000Gold/pcs , Armor Dewan lvl 50 Slot 7 : 300Jt/pcs
NPC Weapon Pvp: Weapon Pvp Lvl 50 s/d 55 Slot 7 [Harga 100.000 s.d 400.000 Pvp/pcs]
Armor 55 B : Slot 5 [Harga 80jt/pcs]
Shield 55 B : Slot 5 [Harga 50jt/pcs]
Weapon 55 B : Slot 5 [Harga 150jt/pcs]
Tameng Protect Intense Lvl 50 Slot 5 [Buy Gold Point 150.000/pcs]
Armor Strong Superior Lvl 50 Slot 5 [Buy Pvp Point 25.000/pcs]
Tameng Protect Superior Lvl 50 s/d 55 Slot 5 [Buy With Pvp Point 150k s/d 300k Pvp] + Elemental OC [ Buy With Pvp Point 75.000/pcs] & Trap,Tower lvl 50
Npc Arah Elf [Sette] :
• Elemental Violet, Fluctuating Beast Vital's, Starved Beast's [Buy With Pvp Point : 75.000 /pcs] , Armor Strong Superior lvl 55 slot 5 [Buy With Pvp Point: 100.000 /pcs]
NPC Mid Ether & Arah Lures:
All Weapon SS Lvl 55 Type Strong, Wind, Smart [Buy With Pvp Point : 75.000 /pcs]
Ele High & Ele Pf, Potion Premium Service 3days, Potion Premium Service 7days [Buy With Pvp Point 25.000/pcs s/d 250.000/pcs]
Tower 55, Trap 55, Siege 55 [Harga Tower 1pcs : 50.000.000 s/d 70.000.000/Pcs]
Npc Elan:
Npc Arah PB SS: Leon 45 & 50 Type Medium [Slot 5] [Buy With Pvp Point 50.000 s.d 75.000/pcs]
Npc Elan[Markas]: Weapon Crimson Lvl 55 Slot 7 [Buy With Pvp Point 150.000/pcs]
Npc Elan [Arah Devastator]: Weapon Crimson Lvl 50 Slot 7 [Buy With Gold Point 250.000]
Young Flem : Cling (Farm Low)
Wing : Elemental Medium
Flem : Portal Caliana & Ratmoth
Calliana Artoc,Crue : Gli [Farming Medium]
ABB Lures : All ExcelSiar A,B,C White, Black, Yellow + Item Standart CcR
Calliana Archer : Pil Pvp Point 50 s/d 100 + standart ccr
Passer Betta : All Excelsiar A,B,C white, Black, Yellow + Item Standar CCR
John : Weapon Pvp lvl 53 slot Random, Lgs, T6
Hobo Blade : Gold Point 3.000 , Standard CCR
Hobo RoBer : Gold Point 3.000, Standard CCR
Ash & Grumbel :Inventor's Toolbox + Standar CCR
Giant Baba/Hoom Baba :Pill Pvp 150 s/d 200 + ITB
Cur + Great Cur :Standart CCR, Batu Mentahan
PB Belphegor :Standart CCR, Tameng Lvl 50 & 55 [Slot Random]
Stocker :Mau Blessing, Pvp Point Capsule 5.000, Gold Capsule 125.000
DROP List Elan :
Devistator : Box Part Leon
Boggie Volt : RestO Talic | 5% Drop Igno/Favor Large Box
Devastator Rhea : All Talic [Kecuali Resto]
All Tc ELan : Drop T3 + T4
Scoud : Gold Point 3000
Draco Hatcling : Boster Lvl 40 Slot Random
PB Dagnue : Weapon Pvp Lvl 53 [Slot Random] , Pill Pvp Point 10.000, Ele 3d [Drop Random]
PB Dagon : Weapon Crimson Lvl 55 [Slot Random] , Pill Pvp Point 10.000, Ele 3d [Drop Random]
PB Dagan : Weapon Pvp Lvl 50 [Slot Random] , Pill Pvp Point 10.000, Ele 3d [Drop Random]
PB Elan : Standart CCR , Pill Pvp Point 5.000
Drop List Buas :
RHS : All Batu Exceliar [Batu Mentahan]
Thunder Lizard: Gold Point 7500
Tyrant Lizard : Gold Point 5000
Jewel Cube : Pot Anti Nikah, Pvp Capsule 10.000, Gold Capsule 12.500, Premium Service 1days, ITB
Drop List OC :
Cremul Snatcher Scout : Farming High + Redstone Box
Cremul Captain : Pvp +1000 , Redstone Box, Gold Capsule 5000
Narom Captain : Armor Type C Lvl 50 Slot Random
Kukra Captain : Tameng SS Lvl 50 Slot Random
Kukra Vafer Gladiator : All Rune
Naroom Carwler Scout : Pill Pvp Point 250 s/d 300
Ringleader BloodAxe : Standard CCR, Pill Pvp Point 10.000
Naroom Patrol : Batu Mentahan
NarumCrawlerDestructiveSoldier : Gold Point 3000
NarumCarwlerAdjutant : Gold Point 4000
Kukra Patrol : Batu Mentahan
CremulSnatcherArcher : Gold Point 7500
Jewel Cube : Pot Anti Nikah, Pvp Capsule 10.000, Gold Capsule 12.500, Premium Service 1days, ITB
Hora Armored Ghost: Standart CCR + Weapon Type C 55 [Random Slot], Pill Pvp Point 1.000
John : Weapon Pvp lvl 53 slot Random, Lgs, T6
PB Strayer : Inventor's Toolbox & Default Ccr [Spawn Every 8 Hours]
Turncoat Sette : Golden Pig
SpelLazhuardian, Lazhuardian Warrior: Ore +1 +2 +3
Chip War : Standart CCR | Custome Drop T6, Pill Pvp Point 20.000, ITB
HSK : Standart CCR, Pill Pvp Point 20.000
More Event Special PitBoss:
Black Sign : Weapon Pvp Lvl 55 slot Random, Pvp Capsule 20.000
Izen : Tameng SS Lvl 53 slot random , Pvp Capsule 10.000
Golden Pig : Weapon Pvp Lvl 50 slot random, Pvp 5.000

Join Grup FB : https://www.facebook.com/groups/157872214853183/

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