Welcome to RF Universe

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RFPSC Newcomers
RFPSC Newcomers
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Postxmexi on 25th April 2018, 1:28 am

Welcome to RF Universe :

web : http://rf.unvgaming.net
forum : http://forum.unvgaming.net
gamecp : http://cp.unvgaming.net


Exp rate - 1000x 
Animus rate - 3000x 
Loot rate - 20x 
Mining rate - 25x 
Dungeon Reward - 20x 


International Custom Semi Pvp Server 
Level Cap: 50 
PT Skills: GM 
Game Version: 
Battle Dungeon: On 
Minning: ON 
CashShop: ON 
Guild Honnor: ON 
Mail: OFF 
Auction: OFF 
Bash Skill-Etc: OFF 
Multi Login: Active (Max 5) 
Real Money Trade-RMT: Active 
Forum and GameCP: Active 
Max Upgrade: +7 
Max Money: 4B 
Max Gold: 500k 


HQ Portal 99 Pcs 
Newbie Weapon Returne 


New Combine Equipment (Booster,Armor,Weapon,Shield) 
New Combine Elemental H55 (Perfect) 
New Guild Leader Set Armor 
New Npc Function Button for Exchange Item 
New Daily Quest 6 Hours 
New Daily Npc 
New Auto Reward for ChipBreaker 
New Capsule Potion 
New Coupon for Exchange Item 
New PitBoss Elan Move to Ether 
Max Weapon Rare D lv 50 
Max Armor Rare D lv 50 
Max Booster Lv 50 
Max Elemental H55 (Perfect) 
Max Shield Rare C lv 50 
No Relic Weapon 
No Elf Land Map 
No Elan Map 
No Playing GM 
No Instant Equipment (Need Effort,Farming,Lucky Combine And Active Daily Task) 
Donation Only VotePoint and CashCoin 
2x Pvp System 
Normal Player Chip Status 
Balance Damage All Job 
Friendly GM and Staff 

Server will open soon.. be patient and stay tune Very Happy
RFPSC Newcomers
RFPSC Newcomers
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PostXAdrianX on 25th April 2018, 11:31 am

ane keknya kenal neh sm owner nya.. Very Happy

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