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RFPSC Newcomers
RFPSC Newcomers
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PostSuren on 19th May 2018, 11:52 am



Normal Account|Premium Account

Item drop rates x2|x4

Mining rates x3|x6

PT, SKILL, FORCE rates x25|x35

EXP rates x30|x40

Battle Dungeons rewards rates x2|x3

Animus EXP rates x35|x45


  • Max Level Cap: 55.
  • Game Version: RF Online 5 update.
  • Race Specialty: Blue MAU, Blue ISIS, Blue Siege kits.


  • Item Mall - default 5 update CCR.
  • Premium Service.


  • UTS and Mail working.
  • Default loots table (5 update version).
  • Default items, skills, forces, class skills params.
  • Mine everywhere in Crage Mine Field.
  • Standart CCR Damage & Defense All Race.
  • Standart CCR MAU, Animus.
  • Disabled Hissy/Neutralize/Quick Revival/Invisible Potion
  • Disabled Jade Level/Jade Relief
  • Disabled All Rune Potion
  • Disabled All Box Low/Med/Large And Coupon Quest
  • Disabled Box Upgrader
  • Disabled Teleport/Revival/Summon Potion
  • Disabled Returnee Weapons.


  • Dual Login ON.
  • Autosell loot system (optionally)


  • Bellato HQ
  • Cora HQ
  • resources
  • Accretia HQ
  • NeutralBS1
  • NeutralBS2
  • NeutralCS1
  • NeutralCS2
  • NeutralAS1
  • NeutralAS2
  • Ether Platform
  • Sette
  • Cauldron
  • Elan
  • Dungeon00
  • Dungeon01
  • Dungeon02
  • Exile Land
  • Mountain Beast
  • Medical lab

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