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RFPSC Newcomers
RFPSC Newcomers
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Postsumicumi on 4th September 2018, 7:43 pm

mohon bantuan donk untuk cara Rubah Harga di NPC

harga Talic 81jt Gold di NPC saya mau rubah jadi Disena gmna ya cara nya??

mohon bantuan nya ya..
terima kasih Smile Smile Smile
RFPSC Newcomers
RFPSC Newcomers
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PostReddit on 6th September 2018, 12:40 pm



Kalo talic mgkn ada di booty.dat juga kali ya, sesuaiin aja harga nya.

btw ada cara penghitungan harga nih di npc quote postingan dpman di ragezone : 

and also there's something that called multiplier in store.edf and storelist.dat
it will multiplied the the original price, for example weaponitem.dat, if the original price is 10, and your npc has multiplier 2000, the item price that the players will see is 2000x10 = 20000
each npc has its own multiplier, you can change it the way you want it
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PostXBL on 23rd October 2018, 6:05 pm

Problem considered as solved.

Thread locked.
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