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[ ASK ] Merubah Item Tidak Bisa Trade/Sell


reply in this page topic



Permisi suhu RFPS, saya ingin bertanya cara merubah suatu item yang tdak bsa di jual/trade contohnya sperti Golden EQ, apa saja yang harus saya edit? 




RF Support
Buka item.edf (client) & .dat file server sesuai item yg mau d edit (armor, weapon, shield, cloak). Cari kolom Sell, Exchange, Ground & Storage. Contoh klw mau rubah status weapon.

Client: Item.EDF (Bagian Weapon)
[ ASK ]  Merubah Item Tidak Bisa Trade/Sell Tradec10

Server: WeaponItem.dat
[ ASK ]  Merubah Item Tidak Bisa Trade/Sell Tradee10

Sell = Jual
Exchange = Trade
Ground = Drop
Storage = Bank

1 = Enable
0 = Disable



mantap makasih suhu, udh solved hehehe  Very Happy

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