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RF AGONERIS REBORN | Level 80 | Pvp Kill x4


reply in this page topic



Server CBT 13 Januari 2018

» Max Level 80
» Exp Rate x25.000(Pertamax x45.000)
» Animus Exp Rate x95.000
» Drop Rate x25
» Max Pvp 112.018/days (lv 75~80)
» Pvp Kill x4
» Open Skil 3rd Job
» Loss Quest 50/56
» Battle Dungeon/BD: Disable
» Guild Honor : Enable
» New Map : Garden Elf Sky
» New MAU Custome 80
» New Animus Custome 80
» New Siege Custome 80
» New Combine System
» New Mobs
» Many New Items
» Many New NPC's
» Pvp Active in New Maps
» Hidden Land/Elf *No Need Key* (Battle Arena Disable)
» New Combine Weapon's
» New Combine Walnut Seeds
» New Combine Golden Key's
» New Daily Item Npc (Limited)
» System Addon GameCP
» System Rental Item ( Set Eff )
» System Farm/Combine/Cheap/Exacting
» System Regen + Capsule Cash Point
» System War Addon Master
» System Daily Quest 80 ( Daily Quest Every 24hrs )
» System Candidate (Registration_Council)
» [New] Addon Potion Configuration
» [New] Auction/Lelang = Enable
» [New] Automally Get Reward, Requirement Total Online
» [New] Automally Get Reward, If your character Online in Weekend days
» [New] System Claim Reward In Weekend Event @ GCP
» [New] System Message Time Spawn Pittboss
» [New] System Message Player kill the boss
» [New] System Raid Boss Event( how can kill the boss, and can get the prize! )
» [New] System Buy Premium Service @ GCP
» [New] System Buy Equipment With VPoint @ GCP
» Claim/Insert Reward Freebies @ GCP
» Russian Hackshield

Fanspage : https://www.facebook.com/Agoneriesta/
Website : http://agoneris.co/
GCP : Coming Soon

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