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on 22/10/2017, 11:03 am


Newborn Noob Heroes
Newborn Noob Heroes

NAMA RF PS :  RF Joker
Website :   [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
LINK GRUP RF PS :  [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Max Level 55 - Red Army
Donation Only Cash Coin & Premium Service
Cash Coin Regen
99% Fuction Support Job
Damage Standar CCR (No Edit)
Upgrade Rate Standar CCR
Equip Only Level 55 (No Edit)
Gli & Beam @slot 1.199.999 Money (Farm High)
Cling @Slot 299.999 Money (Farm Low)

Non Premium Service

Exp x100
Animus x200
Drop x10
Mining x10
PT / Skill / Force : x150
PVP Point : 200 /kill
Rate Pvp Max : 20.000/Day
Level 50
All Map = 75
Sette = 100
Level 55
All Map = 100
Sette = 150

Premium Service

Exp x200
Animus x400
Drop x15
Mining x20
PT / Skill / Force : x250
PVP Point : 350 /kill
Rate Pvp Max : 25.000/Day
Level 50
All Map = 100
Sette = 150
Level 55
All Map = 150
Sette = 200



Talic Keen,Favor,Grace,Mercy (@699.999 Money/pcs)
Other Talic ( @399.999 Money/pcs )
Potion Premium Service 3 Day (@30k PvP Point)
Potion Premium Service 7 Day (@50k PvP Point)

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